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The video above was filmed by Sony 12 optical 3 ccd and a hand held Canon Z60 digital zoom at 122 yards with no tripod. Both cameras were out of their optical range. Therefore the video is degraded due the digital zoom the cameras use. All this video was shot in low light with cloud cover.

The video with a Sony and the Canon Z60 hand held cameras.The images to the right were shot with a Canon Rebel EOS Digital with a zoom lens.

The videos below are all shot with the The Canon HD XHA1 camera. The difference between the two is unbelieveable.

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This image to the left is a sample of a boring clip mixed with music. It can become an Ad for your Show, Web Page, or DVD. Click the image it is a link.

There are two versions, one is the Flash .FLV file. The other is a .WMV windows media video file that is 5 minutes long. Both files are about 43 megs big however, they download fast and play provided you have high speed internet connection.

All of us involved are just a bunch of creative dudes living the dream. There is always more clips coming. Enjoy!

The image to the right is image link to the Llano Deer Hunt with Alan Moore and Steve Thornell with the Texas Hunting News. There are several video clips to choose from. They are a Flash clip and a the rest are .WMV Windows Media Player clips. The clips are all full screen Hi-Res Videos. They are fast downloading if you have a high speed interent hook up.

All of this is non-scripted on the fly footage. Note the Hi-Def Quality of the full screen video. Click the image to the right to go the the page.


I am a good multimedia guy he is a good musician. Individually we are good at we do however together we are great.

My goal is to find more of you that are like the two of us. Putting two passions together to make some really good stuff.

Click the links below to go see full size video of this colabaration. This project is one hour of video taping with 16 hours editing and publishing. I made a DVD of all this, a .WMV video clips and,.WMA audio clips.

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Hi, fellow outdoors enthusiast welcome to my site. I created this site to provide for this unique time in history a venue for the love of outdoors in video and photography. This domain will be dedicated to the representation of your work in multimedia of the great outdoors. Please be patient while we program the site.

We will have a drawing for a complete photo and video documentation of your hunt. (details)

There will be ad sponsorship included with different types of donations.

This opportunity of enjoying the video and photos of good works will be provided by two separate type of memberships for this domain.

There will be a standard and a contributors type memberships available.

There will be video upload and photo upload pages and of course a home page for your work.

You will have the opportunity to post bulletins ads and messages to any or all of those that you choose.

There will be classified section and a forum for an awesome community multimedia / outdoors users in hunting and fishing.

~The Mission~

  • This site will be resource for the entertainment community of the great outdoors.
  • There will also be articles explaining general information of how to take good photos and tips for videographers.
  • Instructions on how to download video and edit on your home computer.
  • What video software to buy and links to various resources manufactures and developers.
  • Reviews on different types of equipment and for what usage you are seeking on different budgets.
  • There will also be outfitters and landowners to advertising for good lease and hunting opportunities.
  • Recording artist will also have the possibility to display their music to the outdoors industry for DVD, TV,and web base video entertainment.

For more information e-mail here.

I went to the Grasslands in Decatur, Texas and setup my tree stand and camera for a field test of how long it takes to setup all the equipment including haul the equipment to the spot. Video 1 2

Fortunately I went to where I saw several Turkey before about 40 yards past the gate to the entry to the hunting area. It still takes about 45 minutes to an hour to set everything up. I wasn't necessarily hunting Turkey I was also hunting Deer actually. I took both calls to the spot just in case.

This year I have seen more Turkey than ever before at the LBJ Grasslands. They move all day long.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I I was driving my Truck back home and there was this spot that I hadn't been to in a while. I had just loaded my Gorilla Ladder stand and it was about 12 noon. I decided to go check this spot out cause it was on my way home. I pulled up and parked and walked about 30 yards past the cattle guard and gate, and low an behold I heard this scratching noise to my right. I looked and to

my right and there this hugh tom with a beautiful gorgeous blue head starring me down. There were about 25 to 30 more Turkey working the same area. They took off and I got one shot off with my black powder. I missed damn it, and they took to running. I loaded another Horneby 45 caliber 250 grain bullet with a 50 caliber sabot I was expecting them to be long gone but they only moved about 60 yards and they were waiting on me. They stared me down while I aimed and fired again. I missed again. I loaded again and they kept trucking down the path. This time I headed them off to a pipeline clearing but the grass was about 3 to 4 feet tall. A big tom posted as a sentry to let the immature jakes and polts pass. The toms about 4 of them were all shooters and they took turns posting up and standing guard while they let the hens jakes move through the tall grass with heads low. They moved with military precision in single file like a bunch of dino raptures. I followed them back to what seemed the back side of the property line and I fired again. Boom!!! Unbelievable!

How could I have missed? Well it happened again this time the Turkey flew and ran to the adjoining property.

Well I had never been in that area of the woods before and I started wondering where I was on the this piece of free public hunting land. I worked my way through to small clearing and a doe jumped up and loped right in front of me at about 30 yards. No doe permit no shot this time. What fun even though I missed three times.

I went to the gun range when I got back and found the screws on my scope were loose and put me off at about 8 to ten inches off to where I was aiming. I tightened them down and it put me right in the bulls eye 2 shots in a row.

The rings I used were called Durasights that are sold by CVA Guns in Georgia. I called a friend of mine who told me to use Loctite and screw one screw at a time and use some Loctite on each one. Well I did and broke 5 screws while tightening them down.

I called Eric from CVA Guns and told him what happened and he said I would have to send him the rings which have a lifetime warranty. I told him I had just sent him an e-mail with a photo of the broke screws in the ruined rings. Because it is in the middle of deer season he sent me some more without having to send him the rings first. Thank God for good service and a good company to do business with.

The next trip I took these photos and saw no Deer and some Turkey, but not on public hunting land. The moral of the story is tighten your screws but don't break them, and ask if they got Dura screws to go with the Durasights LOL. ~ end ~ by Jeff Overturf

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