Pig Hunt

It was great hunt. When you don't see game the jokes and company pick up the slack. That is the way hunting is. Lots of free time looking and waiting. I made a great shot on the second shot. The first shot I missed. Got my pig. Had a great time with good company. Steve is the MAN!


The Hunt: What a GOOD time spending with a good friend and great hunting guide Steve Thornell. No matter how long you have known him he will be your friend from the get go. The hunt was 3 days long with a hunting lodge and transportation during the hunt.

This was too funny. Steve was explaining to me about the wind and to tell where it was coming from. He took some Doe Piss and sprayed it out the window. Yep the wind was blowing to our face which meant the doe piss hit us in the face. It got me right in the mouth. It was so funny. Watch the video below. It's a hoot.

I highly recommend thundercloudmarketing.com and Steve Thornell to anyone. The Texas Wild Life Adventures and The Texas Hunting News works for me.. Seeing is believing watch the videos. 50 dollars goes along way here. Contact Steve at 512-330-4281 office and cell phone 325-665-7464 sales@thundercloudmarketing.com

There is no better deal anywhere in this economic times.

So what's the joy of hunting? Food, really good food!

  • You prepare in kitchen
  • You exercise
  • You save the environment
  • You Improve your habitat
  • You improve your skills
  • No preservatives
  • No chemicals
  • Year round hunting
  • Fun with friends
  • Lean pork
  • Enjoy the country
  • Good Protein

These are two inch pork steaks I had butchered at Kuby's Steaks. I got 25 pounds of steaks and filet back straps on this pig. Yummy in the tummy. It sure is good eating when you stalk kill and eat. Primal Man!