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Dove Hunting Texas 2007 " Where Are The Birds? "

Jeff Overturf Dove Hunting in Ponder, Texas

Texas what a strange year. Did you know this is the wettest rain fall in Texas in decades.

Farmers didn't plant early for the migration because in most cases they couldn't. You can't plow in mud. For example in Dallas on 75 North at Renner Road there is usually acres on acres of milo that has plowed, grown, and harvested by this time every year. This year was different. No one could plow then plant and the grain fields lay barren with immature grain.

The climate was different too. In Addison, Texas by now you have a least fairly descent cool push moving down the birds from the great plains further north. The moist gulf air has stayed over Texas all summer. The migrations usually looks like Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" around here with black birds and dove every where. So far the large push hasn't happened.

Some Outfitters I called from The Texas Hunting News (texashuntingnews.com) had a great opening weekend from local dove populations but certainly not migratory birds. The better outfitters have multiple fields and thousand of acres to hunt from. They rotate the hunters so they don't put too much pressure on the same area all season.Also the outfitters I talked to were up front if there were no birds after opening weekend or during opening weekend.

Don't get me wrong, getting out and seeing and shooting a few is still a hell of lot of fun.

The birds will get here, but we have to wait on the weather. It was only a month ago when the plains flooded in Oklahoma and the entire midwest. When you drive down the street and see birds covering up power lines then you should be driving directly to your favorite dove spot.

Nature will tell when to go where ever you live. Dallas and North Texas are on the direct flight line to the Texas Coast and South Texas.

All you need is water which is every where right now in Texas. Gravel and a good food source with a roost nearby is a sure fire successful formula. Dove are very predictable about what they do and when. They feed in the morning drink and eat gravel. In the evening they eat, drink, and roost.

Click to see more pics 1 2 3 of Dove signs.

Keep your eye on the weather channel. Look at the power lines where you live. If you don't see birds at home then you won't see them when you hunt. Nature is very fair and never lies only bad hunting guides do. ~end~

Article by ~Jeff Overturf~

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