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The Video Clips on this page are 858 x 688 wide screen aspect ratio clips. They are all about 34 MB big. You will need a high speed connection to see these clips. Once they download fully then they will play wonderfully. You can maximize these clips to full screen size. they are highest quality you find on any site.

This photo to the right is a boat representative posing in front of his merchandise.

To the left you see Wally Marshall who has made crappie fishing a sport main line attraction. He designs poles that are designed specifically for crappie. You can find his merchandise in Bass Proshop across the country. He designs tackle also. Lures poles all sorts of gear for your boat.

Wally probably had the best personality and the most magnetic character in the show.

Check this clip to see him in action. He is great with kids.


show were the best in their respective fields. When I shot these guys they were dead on accurate with usually one take. This is proof of their experience and professionalism as entertainers. A lot of these fisherman I've already seen on TV before.

The display to the right is a ATV give away with an all terrain 6 wheeler by Argo. at all of the booths you could see lots of registration for some sort of prizes.


To the left here you will see Mike Delvisco a professional angler and boat manufacturer representative. Here is standing in front of one there latest models "The Phoenix". Mike also helps promote the shows with visits to restaurants and other sponsors business giving away passes and prizes. His character is the genuine article. His is nice guy and a great promoter. Check this clip here.

This photo to the right is a display for the kids fishing maybe for the first time. There was a tank with catfish stocked in it for anyone to try there luck too. Click here to see the tank.

I saw parents with there kids using poles provided by take me fishing display.

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