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This page is still under construction. It is mainly for proofing work for clients right now.

This was my first sports show concerning fishing and hunting.

I did it not know what to expect till I arrived on Thursday.

Immediately I knew I could not be two places at the same time. The amount of time that it took to take 95 photos and hours of video taping made it impossible to do both. I was more interested in producing a quaility product.

So far it has taken approximately 36 hours to produce the work you see here now. There is more to come.

The Video Clips on this page are 858 x 688 wide screen aspect ratio clips. They are all about 34 MB big. You will need a high speed connection to see these clips. Once they download fully then they will play wonderfully. You can maximize these clips to full screen size. they are highest quality you find on any site.

All of the photos with exception of one were enhanced with Adobe Photoshop.

This was the first year that Mr. Pillsbury presented this show. All in all it was a great success. I'm looking forward to more projects with Frank in the future.

The vendors that were at the

show were the best in their perspective fields. When I shot these guys they were dead on accurate with usually one take. This is proof of their experience and professionalism as entertainers. A lot of these fisherman I've already seen on TV before.

The display to the right is a portable bow range on wheels. People that have never shot a bow before were able to shoot a bow for the first time.

I filmed someone that had never shot a bow before. It was cool watching him hit the target. Clint Montgomery narrated the shot. Clint is the manager director of the Texas Archery Club.

The display to the left. Is a awesome logo ops for a national sports chain Dicks Sporting Goods. I buy my wearing apparel there and other accessories for fishing and hunting. The tank was filled with all types of Bass. You could find some whoppers there for sure.

I saw several speakers share their vast knowledge of angling with different types of game fish.

There were several national manufactures and reatil chain stores representing there products and services.

This display on the left was on one of the most impressive.

There was a Hunting Ranch from South Texas this was their display on the right. While I was photographing this set up had the best colors lighting and artistic appeal. In my opinion it was one of the more color friendly displays at the show.

They also have videos shows online and on TV on the hispanic channels in some the major markets in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

They have year round hunting with multiple exotics on the ranch from all over the world. They do video hunts show on DVD and of course TV too. Next Page click here.

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