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This man was the father that I wish my dad was but never was. He and I hunted for the last 5 years off and on. He is the father of a friend of mine Brian Kidd. Brian and I hunted when we were in our twenties and still do some now.

He showed me how to use a black powder, and we went to the gun range together. We hunted LBJ Grasslands in Decatur, Texas too.

Mr. Kidd was a regular guy, and you didn't feel like you were around someone 80 years old. He was youthful in his wit. He was lucid alert and he could relate to anyone. The truth is he was like big kid who liked to hunt.

He did mission work overseas, and he retired and had grand kids he hunted with too. He taught me so much and turned me on to LBJ Grasslands in Decatur.

Today I saw so many friends of his that literally filled the funeral home.

Today was one of the most hurtful days of my life. I now in turn will continue hunting not with him but his grand kids.

3 weeks ago I asked him if he could pick the way he would like to go how would it be. He told me he hoped it would be while hunting with his dog quail hunting.

Last week he and his wife went to his lease and he was hunting with his dog and he told his wife he would be back at 5:30 pm. She stayed in the truck reading, and he never came back. She walked for 5 miles to a farm house and called the sheriff. They found Billy Kidd with his dog guarding him at 12:30 the next day. It appeared that he had slipped and shot himself in the arm and severed a large artery and he bled out.

If only all of us could die doing what we enjoy. He will be truly missed by me and hundreds of others. I had to write this to help me deal with this. I hope this story touches you like he touched me in my life.

God Bless Billy Kidd 1927- 2008

Jeff Overturf aka "Tool Master"

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